Skyroam Solis X: WiFi Smartspot | Mobile Hotspot | Power Bank | Global SIM-Free 4G LTE | Remote Camera

Skyroam #ad - The skyroam solis x is a premium, go-anywhere smart wifi hotspot "the first smartspot" and breakthrough tech gadget for travellers, digital enthusiasts, always-connected consumers and businesspeople that provides one solution for all the connected activities you enjoy while living life on-the-go. Connect, power bank, track, charge, email, secure 4G LTE WiFi in 130 countries, a remote camera, photograph.

. Sharing, tracking, emailing, photographing, browsing, downloading, live streaming - you name it. Keep your smartphone, tablet, laptop and reader online simultaneously. Customizable smart assistant: connect and control 1000's of apps and services with just a tap. The world's first smartspot: combing fast, post, and integrated smart assistant into one pocket-sized gadget.

Power bank keeps your devices charged, smart assistant helps keep the itinerary on track, and 16+ hours of battery life ensures you can do it all, remote camera captures more candid moments, all day. Whether you're on a roadshow in europe and need to find your next meeting or want to let your social media followers in on the best brunch in your hood, the pocket-sized Skyroam Solis X can connect you on the spot.

Skyroam Solis X: WiFi Smartspot | Mobile Hotspot | Power Bank | Global SIM-Free 4G LTE | Remote Camera #ad - . The skyroam solis x comes with the solis wifi App, which enables the use of the remote camera, smart assistant feature, and allows you to buy WiFi and manage your hotspot. The device's unique combination of global 4g lte wifi, listen, speak, power bank, remote camera, and integrated smart assistant now gives you the ability to simultaneously see, and connect from down the street or across the globe.

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Skyroam Solis Travel Case

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